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Home Automation

SMART Home Automation

Want the power to control the simplest of devices in your home with one-simple click? Well, you can now with the capability and advancement of a SMART Home Automation system. What exactly is a SMART Home Automation System? A SMART Home Automation, typically integrated into a smart home, involves the ability of controlling and automating certain items in your home including lighting, temperature control such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation along with very important components such as your home security systems. Other devices that can be controlled include home appliances; items like washers, dryers, ovens and your refrigerators.

To be able to manage your SMART home automation system, you will require a device such as a smartphone enabled with wi-fi to use the remote monitoring and control of the devices. A smart home technology can give you full autonomy and control of your home by managing all these devices from one simple app on your smartphone. Where Automated Theft Solutions can help is simple, if you are someone that would like to control their home security with one simple click, whether you are at home or not, we can get you connected where your home security system is automated on your cell phone. Using only the latest and most advanced technology, ATS Security will not only get you setup with your SMART home automation system to monitor your home security, we will do it with that professional touch that you expect from a reputable company in Toronto. Contact us today to learn more about our home automation services and how we can help you.

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